The XIV Expo - International Conference ECUADOR OIL & POWER 2013


ppOil is the greatest natural resource used for the development of countries in the world. Ecuador, being an oil ppproducer and OPEC member, is one of the leading nations of Latin America.

ppThe XIV Expo - International Conference ECUADOR OIL & POWER 2013, is presented as the most ppimportant event of the hydrocarbon sector. It is a space to achieve accurate contact between organizations ppand companies; know the business with individuals and institutions indicated that only rarely found together, ppas in Ecuador Oil & Power Exhibition.

ppGather in addition to petroleum companies and the country's energy, business services sectors oil, ppgas,electricity, environment, and related industry. In this space, companies have new alternatives and ppinnovations to the visiting public guild, with keynote talks and exhibitions.


ppIn recent years, Ecuador has been able to expand in the international market, thanks to all the participants ppof the International Fair ECUADOR OIL & POWER. With pride, we have ensured that many foreign ppcompanies visit our country, looking for the best distributors and marketers, they met with the top national ppexperts have been able to contribute with their knowledge and experience.

ppIn ECUADOR OIL & POWER EXPO will present the companies that are starting in the exploratory phase of ppthe South eastern Ecuador, which demonstrate their ability with the best technology for this new exploratory ppphase.

ppParallel to the exhibition, with its showroom, will develop a series of lectures, lunch lectures, panel ppdiscussions and technical conferences


ppThe XIV International Conference Expo-ECUADOR OIL & POWER 2013, is guaranteed Becdach HJ, pporganizing company that has more than a decade working in the sector, with over 100 successful events ppconducted.

ppThe POWER OIL ECUADOR XIV 2013, will be held in Quito, Ecuador on 25, 26 and September 27, pp2013, in Quito Exhibition Center, located at Avenida Amazonas and Atahualpa.


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